R.E.M. Mission

R.E.M mission is to produce clean electric energy from renewable sources through an innovative system fully integrated with farming, the so called Agrovoltaico®, thus promoting a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.

The “Food and Energy” project. An Italian project.

Trattore con erpice sotto i pannelli fotovoltaici di Virgilio

Thanks to the technical skills of a group of engineers, architects, agronomists, theoretical physicists and experts on agricultural mechanization. The “agrovoltaic” technology is a highly innovative solution which allows to go beyond the limits of traditional ground-mounted photovoltaic systems in terms of compatibility with agriculture, environmental sustainability andlandscape preservation.

The result is represented by sun-tracking aerial systems perfectly integrated with farming and installed on suspended movable structures inter-connected through an innovative wireless control and communication system.

This technology is applicable also to lands subject to flooding along lines of communications (roads, motorways, railways, etc.), surrounding embankments of waterways (rivers, streams and storage basins), lands to be reclaimed or no longer used and, more generally, all areas to be returned to farming.

Agriculture on the ground floor, energy on the first floor. This is the best summary of the "Food and Energy" project.