R.E.M. Mission

R.E.M mission is to produce clean electric energy from renewable sources through an innovative system fully integrated with farming, the so called Agrovoltaico®, thus promoting a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.

The history

Il primo impianto sperimentale a Casalromano

R.E.M. Ltd., Revolution Energy Maker, now become S.p.A., is a privately held company founded in 2008 by the initiative of six companies mainly operating in the electricity sector. The purpose of the company is to produce "zero emission" electricity from renewable sources.

With the support of a multidisciplinary team involving engineers, landscape architects, theoretical physicists, agronomists, farmers and farm mechanization experts the first step of R.E.M. was to conduct extensive market research, which lasted over a year to determine the condition of zero emission technologies, with particular regard to solar ones. During this first phase, we explored the practical feasibility of a pilot plant in Sardinia with CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) in collaboration with Ausra (USA) and subsequently with MAN Ferrostaal (DE).

During the research of sites suitable for construction of large solar parks we have moved towards the agricultural land in populated areas of southern Europe, has a larger and economic area. They emerged just a few negative aspects in the construction of large solar systems on the ground, for their incompatibility with agro-farming activities and their effects on the ground. The solar farms on land to take away agriculture land, in fact in 20-25 years of activities can make the soil less productive, so that it can not be used for cultivation; aspects endorsed by the recent European regulations that tend to limit the spread . This limitation has prompted us to fund an applied research project aimed at studying a technical solution that would allow the coexistence of agriculture activities with the production of energy: “Food and Energy” is the name we gave to the project.

The outcome of the research was a new type of aerial system that allows to use large fertile land completely integrated with agricultural activities; this technology used in overflow land and also applies along the lines of communication (roads, railways, etc..) along the levees to contain rivers and in all places where it is necessary to preserve green areas.

After more than a year of work we have presented the results of research in our field trials near Mantova, resulting a great evidence. Someone has called the project the “Egg of Columbus”, someone else has assimilated to the “Futuristic work of art”.