R.E.M. Mission

R.E.M mission is to produce clean electric energy from renewable sources through an innovative system fully integrated with farming, the so called  Agrovoltaico®, thus promoting a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.

The Agrovoltaic

Seminatrice a Cappelletta di Virgilio

The “Agrovoltaic” system is a manufacturing technique that used and integrated new technologies that are enabling allowed farmers to continue cultivating their land, while producing clean energy.

The “agrovoltaic” project “Food and Energy” is derived from the idea, borrowed from the Etruscan planted, the brilliant use of multiple levels of the main energy source: the sun. Thus, 3000 years ago, rows of tall trees were interspersed with fruit trees cut down and more cereal crops-forage on ground level.

Original idea gave us the opportunity to think about a sustainable model of integration of three key areas of human life:

This system, for its technical specifications, reduced wheelbase and large shade structures, lends itself very well to any type of cultivation and farm mechanization. All this led us to "imagine" and "create" the potential conditions of the birth of a new farmer: a professional, antithetical to the global model based on the module intensive / extensive, able to create structures within the concept of integrated farming sector short to produce biological products for immediate consumption and preserve the "biodiversity" of the territory.