R.E.M. Mission

R.E.M mission is to produce clean electric energy from renewable sources through an innovative system fully integrated with farming, the so called Agrovoltaico®, thus promoting a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.

Objectives and strategies

Prototipo dell'inseguitore solare montato in sede

Since its inception R.E.M. decided to invest significant financial and human resources focusing on the search for efficient technological solutions that could contribute to the improvement and development of renewable sources, integrated with agricultural and other activities. For us this is a fundamental part of our business strategy and an important goal that lead our actions.

The development of REM project, after the start-up phase that included the implementation of three Agrovoltaico® plants in Norther Italy, is now in its second phase and is based on the following business model:

- development of foreign markets with the support of local or locally operating industrial companies, developers and professionals: we are currently focusing on developing the use of REM technology in Japan, P.R. of China, South Africa, Germany and The Netherlands; the supporto of localpartners can be on an exclusive or e non -exclusive basis

- identification of one global partner to accelerate the development of foreign markets

- disposal of one or more of the existing plants to free cash to finance R&D and the business development in foreign markets

- R&D activities to reduce the cost per MW and improve the efficiency of the Agrovoltaico® system (backtracking, integrated vertical mini-wind turbines, etc.) 

Please Note: if you are interested in becoming on of our partners or in acquiring one or more of the existing Agrovoltaico plants, please go to the specific web pages in our web site