R.E.M. Mission

R.E.M mission is to produce clean electric energy from renewable sources through an innovative system fully integrated with farming, the so called  Agrovoltaico®, thus promoting a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.

Objectives and strategies

Prototipo dell'inseguitore solare montato in sede

Since its inception R.E.M. decided to invest significant financial and human resources focusing on the search for efficient technological solutions that contribute to the improvement and development of renewable sources. For us this is a fundamental characteristic of our business strategy, an important goal that we believe and invest, and a strong lever for competitiveness.

For a company in the energy sector as our efficient use of resources, integration of facilities in the territory in which they arise, environmental protection and worker protection are the cornerstones of our business policy.

Energy efficiency and environmental awareness are the guidelines of the strategy of growth that characterize REM since its inception. Priority commitments that have made R.E.M. sensitive to firm principles of sustainability and convinced promoter of a culture that encourages a correct and conscious use of energy resources.